Wednesday, January 16

American Rubicon radio Pressure

+ Dan had a really great post on why you should vote for McCain or Obama. But my favorite part has nothing to do with who you vote for:
America "needs" none of the candidates. We already have the people, the wealth, the rulesets to get by just fine until 2009.
+ Shane had a nice post about proposing to his wife at the Rubicon (and how it wasn't all that great ;-)

+ Want to listen to my radio station? I'm trying out and (you won't believe this), I uploaded 828 songs. I can listen to whatever ones I want to when I'm logged in on any computer with an internet connection. You can listen to them in random play. Check it out:

+ If you love the Queen/Bowie song 'Pressure', like I do, then you'll want to watch this video with Annie Lennox singing Freddie Mercury's part. Pretty awesome:

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