Wednesday, January 30

Fatal Moss

+ Why did I read 'Fatal Revenant'? I should have known all second books in Donaldson trilogies have unhappy, depressing, seemingly despairing endings. I mean, why plow through that many pages (500+?) to be cliffhung on a depressing ending and the next book doesn't come out until when?

Maybe I should have just read the summary somewhere.

Confession: my tastes in fiction run more to the 'Young Adult' section, where 'mature' authors don't feel compelled pour down doom and destruction. I'd pick Harry Potter over George RR Martin every time.

Oh well ...

Check that 'trilogy' thing up above. Apparently this set of chronicles is four books. Wonder if the third book will also be depressing ...

+ Don Banks likes Randy Moss and covers Randy's time with the press yesterday.
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