Monday, October 15

What is my problem?

+ defective yeti is hosting a group reading of Catch-22. I'm seriously thinking of joining in, especially since I've never read it before...

+ Al's Nobel leaves me cold (get it? ;-). As usual, I agree with Bjorn Lomborg instead. Check out his op-ed on the occasion. (via tdaxp?)

+ Led Zeppelin is finally distributing their music digitally. Time for me to pick up 'Cashmere'.

+ Dan had a bad football day, but I, finally, had a great football weekend. The Hawks and the Gamecocks won on Saturday. The Vikings and Patriots won on Sunday. Heck, my fantasy team even almost won (anchored by Tomlinson, Brees, Welker, and Jones-Drew), but my brother had Brady and Peterson.

Heck (Marshall, you still reading?), Jeff Gordon even won on Saturday. He's the NASCAR driver I'd pull for if I followed it at all.

That's all for now!
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