Friday, October 5

Keep your eyes on the ball

I know I have been distant, neglecting this weblog. Just haven't felt much like writing after a day of writing.

But, I had a comment on Tom's website today that I thought was worth re-posting over here.

The context is a post about Obama proposing we get rid of nuclear weapons.

This really does not fit in with Tom's vision of the world. Nuclear weapons have been a key part of the end of great power war.

A commenter said Obama's proposal wasn't that bad.

I wrote:

right, nukes aren't a deterrent in asymmetrical warfare. but don't throw great power war out with the asymmetrical bathwater. great power war is still the greatest danger we face. not likely at this time and lets keep it that way.

it's not disingenuous at all to modernize our nukes and 'lecture' other countries on not developing them. we are the deterrent (along with a few others). most countries have bought off on this and eschewed the chance to go nuclear. they trust us in the long run to do the right thing.

(Israel, India and Iran are different cases, in some tough neighborhoods. Iran sensibly wants to deter an invasion after we capped both its neighbors. too bad we didn't lock them into a security agreement before we did Afghanistan.)

sure, de-target, reduce the number, etc. stipulated. but the main issue is continuing the expansion of globalization by continuing to stave off great power war, the most effective means of shrinking the Gap, period.

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