Monday, October 22

Last (planned) Ireland post

Two things:

I really like County Meath's logo:

So our version would be:

(Best I could do with ;-)

The first place we drove to in County Meath was the Hill of Tara, historic home of the High Kings of Ireland. We had trouble finding it in our little rental car, trying to follow signs, being directed down one lane roads.

It was crazy! This famous, historic location is out of the way, with barely and services at all. Here in the States, we'd have a Hill of Tara Amusement Park and Campground. I teasingly told Christine I'd found my life's calling: to develop the Hill of Tara ;-)

There's not much left on the site: some mounds and a standing stone.

Check out our pictures from the Hill of Tara. Begin here (and don't forget to read my comments below the pix).
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