Saturday, June 16

REM: Hall of Fame

I didn't watch the induction back in, what was it, March?

I did see some mp3s of the show, so I grabbed 'em.


I liked Eddie Vedder before, but his induction speech was amazing. He really did a nice job of hitting some real REM high points.

Best quote: 'If REM had a secret weapon, I would say that it was Mr Mike Mills ... The secret weapon is his voice. It's like a second lead vocal. I think it is what makes so many of their songs absolutely haunting.'

Truer words have never been spoken.

Second best idea: Bill quit because he couldn't do any more photo shoots ;-)

Check out the video or the mp3s.

First time watching the video. Peter's drinking a glass of wine. Ok.

Anyway. Enjoy.

Addendum: Also enjoy their great version of Gardening at Night, one of my top 3 REM songs (with Shaking Through and Fall on Me), on video or in the mp3s above.
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