Tuesday, June 19

Pixar, Middle Earth (and more Google)

+ Pixar's next 6 movies (maybe), including 1 live action (via kottke)

+ Middle Earth overlaid on Europe (wish the contrast was easier to see, but there you have it)

The professor said:

The action of the story takes place in the North-west of 'Middle-earth', equivalent in latitude to the coastlands of Europe and the north shores of the Mediterranean. ...  If Hobbiton and Rivendell are taken (as intended) to be at about the latitude of Oxford, then Minas Tirith, 600 miles south, is at about the latitude of Florence. The Mouths of Anduin and the ancient city of Pelargir are at about the latitude of ancient Troy. Letters, 375-376 (#294)

+ Maybe I spoke too soon on Google. The latest: they're going to be carbon neutral, including electricity purchase, independently audited.
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