Friday, June 15

MUST post these links...

or stop keeping the tabs open!

For some reason, I haven't really felt like posting this week.

+ Christine put up pix of her trip to Washington DC with Elizabeth and the Girl Scouts . Happy for my girls.

+ Funny Father's Day gift on defective yeti that I don't want (hint: Luke and Vader together).

+ I was looking for something for Tom on the Huffington Post and found this headline: Joint Chiefs Chair: I Was Forced Out. Ok, I'll check it out. Problem is, he didn't say that, not that way. So,

1. That's playing too fast and loose with the headline.

2. I think it's a bummer that Pace can't continue. He seems like a good guy. But he has to leave, politically, because the of the Bush Administration's incompetency in handling Post-war Iraq. Sure, Pace bears some responsibility. I'm not sure he deserves to be fired, though. Or, if he does, so does President Bush. I'm sure many of us can agree on that.
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