Tuesday, January 31

Things I've been meaning to write

+ I don't have a lot to say about this topic, but I've been thinking about it for a long time. And since Paul's writing about it, I figure I'll go on the record:

The Razor Race (a la the Arms Race) is unbelievable. I'm going to be shipping my face in UPS for genetic therapy any day now. It's craz(or)y!

+ Ladies: If you want to teach the man in your life to put the lid down on the toilet, do what Christine did: Never say anything about it. Strategize him into buying one of those cabinets that goes over the toilet (what's it called - an etagere?) because you need more storage space in the bathroom. Then move all of his toiletries to that cabinet so he can have extra room, especially his toothbrush . Voila. I put the lid down plenty now!

+ I've been having the somewhat freaky experience lately of running into the same agency-purchased stock photos for different products. One was national: the big-headed (intentionally) kid on the Golden Grahams free ring-tone ad-on-the-box was also on the Putt Putt coupon. The other was local: the same dyed-blond bobbed haircut young woman looking up with sunglasses is on an ad for Lexington Medical Center and the local crisis pregnancy center.

My ad image-messages are getting so confused. What would Marshall McLuhan say? (Paging, Walter, closest thing I've got to an expert...)

+ My last reflection in this list is the pro-big business propaganda lately on NPR. I mean, sheesh, if you're not safe from that stuff on NPR, where are you safe from it? I'm talking about Wal-Mart's purchased support (Find out how Wal-Mart saves the world and helps your community at walmartfacts.com.) and GM's (Saving the environment with hybrid and fuel-cell technology.). No liberal NPR listener is actually dumb enough to fall for these lines, right?
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