Tuesday, January 3

A few comments to usher in the new year

+ Happy new year. We played a lot of Lego Star Wars in the last week and will probably 'beat' the game this week. We're having fun with it. Usually it's Wil and I who play, but sometimes Bethy plays a level. We're making better progress now that we got enough studs to purchase 'invincibility' ;-)

+ Mike Tice is out as Vikings coach. I always liked him pretty well, but he didn't win when he might have, and that's basically what you have to do in the NFL these days (unless you work for the Rooneys, who have had a lot of success with their two coaches).

+ The Hawks didn't do very darn well yesterday. They got some really bad calls, but also made too many mistakes. To their credit, they fought to the end and made a game of it. I only watched the 2nd quarter, which was bad enough. Seems like the Hawks alternate between good work in bowl games and embarrassment. Bleah. Hope Ferentz doesn't go to the NFL...

+ Jack Abramoff's going to plead guilty. Wonder if he'll implicate DeLay...

+ Mary has a nice Pride and Prejudice post over on Kith and Kin, on which I commented.
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