Friday, January 13

I'm it: 7 (maybe) things

I haven't taken up the 7 things post, but, since Macon tagged me, I'll play along, to an extent. I reserve the right to not answer, or do less than 7, or... Well, you get the picture.

7 Things . . .

I want to do before I die:
  • climb Kilimanjaro again
  • ballroom dance with Elizabeth
  • (nothing comes to mind with Wil. We're living it now: sharing video games, comic books, Star Wars, etc.)
  • visit Ireland
  • write one novel (I have several ideas, but little discipline...)
  • be happy empty-nesters with Christine (not that we're not happy now, or I'm looking too forward to getting her back to 'myself' or...)
  • be a chillin' father to my adult children and a chillin' grandfather
Things I cannot do:
  • let a typo or misstatement go without commenting on it (see my comments on Macon's post above)
  • complete a long-term writing project
  • get back into exercise and eating right post-twin fatherhood
  • after that, make a list. You're probably right...
Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
  • willingness to listen to me talk about the strange things that interest me
  • interest in me
  • intelligence
  • piety
  • modesty
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes (sadly (but just a little), neither of my two is a 'Brown Eyed girl')
Things I say most often Southernisms/down home slang I am working at saying often:
  • fixin' to
  • How you?
  • or either
  • Well ain't that a fat baby's behind?
  • carry (instead of take)
  • Do what?
Celebrity Crushes Anti-Crushes:
  • Paris Hilton (if I never read/heard her name or saw her picture again it would be too soon)
  • Ashlee Simpson
People I want to do this:
  • Jason
  • Eric
  • Marshall (did reply to me in email)
  • Aaron
  • Brad
  • Mark (gently reminded me in the comments that he did it before)
  • Christine (in the comments? in an email to me?) (this sweet babooo hasn't had time because she's such a busy mommy :-( )
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