Wednesday, January 11

Europe, Brazil and Minnesota (again)

+ European Tech Giants Craft Search Engine. Which ones are those? ;-) Chirac says they have to meet the challenge of Google and Yahoo. Think that's gonna happen with France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom?

+ You might be tired of my Vikings news, but I'm not, yet. They fired the previous coaching staff and then hired the D-backs coach from Tampa to be the D-Coordinator . At 33 he seems a little young for such an important job. Our trendiness increases (in addition to the West Coast Offense) with someone who will install the Tampa Cover 2. But it's worked well for Tony Dungy (in Tampa and Indy) and Lovie Smith (in Chicago). I'll be it's biggest fan if we win more games.

+ Hmm: Brazil expects to be energy independent this year, largely because of ethanol. I don't know what to think about ethanol, but I do know we pay a lot of farmers a lot of money not to grow corn and greater energy independence would be very good.
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