Saturday, January 19

Remember that post about 'war in heaven' and The Silmarillion? Silus wrote in about it and I'm terribly late in replying.

Curious about your "Rebellion in Heaven" comment from Friday's post.

Basically, I'm curious what your take on it is as a protestant.

Mormons, for our part, take that little passage literally: that Satan
was in Heaven and was thrust out for rebellion -- the Archangel
Michael (pre-mortal Adam) taking part.

That's how we Evangelical Protestants take it, too: pretty literally. It's your basic Paradise Lost kind of stuff. I can't speak for all Protestants, of course.

One difference is that we don't see Michael as pre-mortal Adam. In that way I guess we take it even more literally, Michael and Adam being two separate beings.

Any further thoughts on the idea?
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