Friday, January 18

Let's make a deal: nobody goes to Black Hawk Down without thinking about some of the larger issues(grist via RobotWisdom):

How much was Big Oil a motivation? (Or, why Somalia for humanitarian intervention and not other places (why Kuwait?))?

What about the Somali loss of life?

What about racism in the military?

What about the social class gap between those who fight and those who decide?

What about Full Spectrum Dominance?

We're at war with terrorism (like it or not). Subtlety is hard to come by. Let's not glorify too many military missions. Yes, men (and women) do amazing things. In this case, they went all out to save one another (never leave a man behind). That's praiseworthy, yes. But were these praisworthy men? Should they have even been there? Let's try to keep our heads.
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