Tuesday, January 15

The other was The World's Smallest Political Quiz. I came out Left Centrist. The questions and my answers:

Personal Issues--
Military service should be voluntary. (No draft) yes.
Government should not control radio, TV, the press or the Internet. yes.
Repeal regulations on sex for consenting adults. yes.
Drug laws do more harm than good. Repeal them. no.
People should be free to come and go across borders; to live and work where they choose. no.

Economic Issues--
Businesses and farms should operate without govt. subsidies. yes.
People are better off with free trade than with tariffs. maybe - does it encourage inhumane working conditions elsewhere?
Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them. no.
End taxes. Pay for services with user fees. much more so than currently, but not entirely.
All foreign aid should be privately funded. no.
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