Monday, January 21

In the Tolkien department: We have a very exquisite Hobbit pop-up book after the work of John Howe. Wil really likes it. But I only want him to read it with me or Christine. So I made him his own little Hobbit book with pictures from the web, printed on a color printer, and simply stapled together. I think he likes it pretty well.

Make your own (these have the advantage of being about the right size):

'Bilbo's house has a round door.'
'There's Gandalf.'
'What do you see?' 'Dwarves and Bilbo.'
'Bilbo met Gollum.' 'He looks like a monkey.' (Elizabeth first made that observation.)
'Bilbo had to fight some big spiders.'
'There's the dragon named Smaug.'
'Bilbo talked to Smaug.'
'Smaug breathes fire.'

You can do more, of course. But Wil's 2 and a half (today). And these represent the pictures in the pop-up book.
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