Sunday, January 20

After the MeFi Smallest Political Quiz post, Eric Eberhardt of Mythryn sent me this link for IDEAlog (Flash warning, for the averse). It's a well-done site in a similar vein. Some of my answers:

Atheists should be allowed to teach.
Government should help reduce income differences.
Same-sex domestic partnerships should get same rights/benefits.
Government should help provide jobs.
Life in prison instead of captial punishment (esp. because it's proven racist).
"We have gone too far in pushing equal rights in this country." disagree
Oppose laws for using Internet records in court.
Government programs helped Blacks some.
Enforce existing gun laws AND pass new ones.
It's the government's responsibility to help provide health care.
Such confessions should not be admissible.
If the government had to choose between keeping down inflation or keeping down unemployment to which do you think it should give highest priority? keeping down unemployment
Possession alone should be a criminal offense.
Favor allowing persons to invest Social Security taxes in the market.
Government is regulating violence on TV about right or should do less.
Government funds should go only to public schools (but maybe there should be breaks for those who opt for homeschool or private).
Disapprove of ruling against required school prayers (but optional might be in play).
Affirmative action has been good overall.
More pro-life.
The government in Washington should help blacks.

What can I say? I'm a plain-old liberal overall. I think government should be involved in helping bring equality. I think that the right to a decent standard of living is more basic than the right to make as much money as you can.

Lest you think that makes me a Democrat, the Democrats do not well represent liberals, so I don't support them.
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