Friday, January 18

I can't believe this slipped under my radar (probably because I haven't been reading the Web Today): Sami al Arian, a professor at the University of South Florida, is in danger of being fired for his alleged ties to terrorists.

First, he was on 'The O'Reilly Factor' on September 26th.. He received death threats and hate mail and the University started to lose financial support, so he got placed on paid leave.

Then, he issued a press release saying he was misused by O'Reilly (which looks accurate to me). (I couldn't find it anywhere else. Did the TBO pull it? Thank God (literally) for Google.)

Now the University is trying to get rid of him. They say they need a safe campus. That's a bunch of baloney. They're losing donations. They've even said so:

USF President Judy Genshaft issued a statement Monday... "This is a unique case of how one person's activities outside the scope of his employment have resulted in harm to the legitimate interests of the university," Genshaft said. She has said she considers Al-Arian, a tenured computer science professor, a security risk whose anti-Israel views have cost the university financial support. (via Salon)

What they need is academic freedom with integrity. This guy is no radical. He doesn't advocate violence. We should all be anti-Israel to some degree.
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