Monday, February 23

Wil is funny

One of the critical components of Positive Psychology is using your strengths more than trying to improve weaknesses. Toward that end, there are assessments to take, including one for children. I took it with Wil in mind (Christine and Elizabeth are working through her). His number two strength was humor, and I want to capture a couple things about that.

(I'm going to need some help from Christine on this post, but I'll let it be after the fact instead of trying to get all my ducks in a row in advance.)

We once had a Clifford book that said something like 'The boy likes to laugh. Clifford likes boys who laugh.'

(If we still have it, we should probably set it aside because it's such a strong memory for me. If it's already gone, that's ok.)

I've always thought about that passage in relationship to Wil. He loves to laugh. To this day he likes to watch Chip and Dale or Looney Tunes and laugh hilariously at parts he loves.

We once had some random CD-ROM (again Christine might remember the details) that Wil liked to play. This is while we were still living in Tulsa. It might have come out of a cereal box or something like that. (Incidentally, the twins called them CD-WOMs back then ;-)

Anyway, you give the parrot something and if it's the wrong item he'd say 'Squak! Not that kind!' and Wil would laugh hilariously every time.

I love how much Wil likes to laugh. And I hope he stays that way forever.
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