Wednesday, February 25


Man, did I ever have a great idea. Got to have dinner with Terry, Melanie and Tina at Hummus Place, which was very good. Hard as it is to believe, I'd never done karaoke before, so I suggested it. Everyone was down and, man, did we have fun! For me, Terry picked '1979', 'ITEOTWAWKI' and 'West End Girls'. I picked 'Enter Sandman' and 'I Will Follow You into the Dark' for him (and sang along, hopefully not too interferingly). Then we sang 'Bohemian Rhapsody' out in the bar (ie, outside of the private room we had for an hour). I was terrible! Didn't really know at first what Terry was wanting from me and then couldn't really do it. Sorry, Terry!

(I've got 4 pix up over in Facebook, if you're into that.)

Anyway, I sure had a great time and hope my friends weren't just faking it ;-)
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