Saturday, February 7

25 Things

This is one of those chain-tagging things. It's going around Facebook and I did it over there. I actually had to do 2 copies because you can only tag 30 people per note and I needed at least 60! I got some good comments, so here are the links in case you're on Facebook and want to check them out: [1] [2]

Rule change: I am tagging back those who have tagged me to make sure they see it. I'm also tagging people who's 25 things I have read that DID NOT tag me. This will be my magnum opus! (Or at least the Mother of All 25 Things ;-) (And, seriously, just stop reading when you get bored) And if you haven't done it and don't want to, hey, no sweat. Don't do it. (Except for Madhu. You have to ;-) "Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)"
1. My first car was a 1976 Pontiac Phoenix that my dad bought for under $1000. It worked just fine.

2. I have been east as far as Jordan, but only west as far as Seattle.

3. I met Mister Rogers in person and got his autograph. He brought the puppets out for the kids who were with us. When I shook King Friday's hand, I said 'You majesty', and he said 'I see you know how to greet a king.'

4. I would be very open to living and working overseas right now.

5. I can quote songs and movies until you're sick.

6. I worked as a Mason's Assistant one summer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

7. The first morning I woke up after finding out we were having twins I said 'We need to buy a station wagon'.

8. I touched Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of the Frauenkirche in Munich.

9. I once got on a plane in Charlotte and Joe Gibbs was sitting in first class. I said 'Good morning, Coach' and he said 'Good morning.'

10. I loved the semester I spent in Tanzania. Learned to speak a little Swahili. Climbed Kilimanjaro almost to the top (nailed by altitude sickness).

11. I have spoken Spanish functionally and studied Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

12. I am very interested in ProtoIndoEuropean language and culture.

13. I tell the twins about once a week 'You know you must have the nicest mom in the whole world.'

14. I took voice lessons for eight years and earned a voice scholarship. I was not the most deserving student, though. Nowadays I'm enjoying singing occasionally at my church.

15. I love music deeply, many different styles.

16. Unfortunately, I came to the 80s alternative party late and missed the hey day of 3 of my favorite bands: REM, New Order and the Smiths. I still have all their stuff, but didn't get to enjoy it while it was happening.

17. Singing in the Wartburg Choir was an amazing experience of being a part of total excellence.

18. Christine and I never dated. When we had 'the talk' about our relationship, I told her I thought we should get married. She agreed and we got engaged.

19. I thought I was destined for greatness, but that never really panned out. Sometimes I still wonder if I'll do something great someday. In the meantime, I am a pretty decent dad.

20. I am ashamed of many of the things I said in my 20s.

21. I keep expecting Christine to trade up. I tell her I will understand, I know she deserves better. She says she hasn't met anyone she'd rather be married to, which I say is a sad commentary on men.

22. I've got a lot of neuroses.

23. Like Scott, I like wine (love, actually), but never acquired the taste for beer. I wish I liked it so I could 'have a beer with the guys', but I don't.

24. I read 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' in the 2nd grade. They have been my favorite books (along with 'The Silmarillion' and 'The Children of Hurin') ever since.

25. A friend once told me I was looking for the relational Holy Grail. That used to be true. The same friend said I was the most self-aware person he'd ever met. What do you think, based on this list?


26. Having surpassed my life quota of bad haircuts, I now cut off all of the unruly stuff and am much happier this way.

27. I used to be a pastor. I still love teaching Bible Study and Sunday School.

28. Embarrassing confession: 'Getting Things Done' changed my life. Something clicked. I by no means practice it thoroughly. That would be too oppressive. I'm just trying to get a few things done.

29. I often use my own punctuation conventions, though some have been adopted from British usage.

30. I am impressed by those of you who have 25 cheerful things (Suzy, Camille, et al.). I struggle with pessimism, frustrated idealism and cynicism.

31. I want to write books. I have started at least one called My Childhood in Iowa (Damon read the notes). I have many ideas. I thing I'd like to write young adult fiction. But, so far, I have not had the discipline to follow through.

32. Riding RAGBRAI (across Iowa on a bike) was awesome and I'm proud I did it. Tentatively planning on doing it again this year.

33. I was in the best shape of my life the summer before my sophomore year of college after lifting 4 days a week. Loved it.

34. I used to act a lot. I first played Kurt in 'The Sound of Music' at Clear Creek High School in 3rd grade. I think it really helped my confidence. I played Kurt again in the Iowa City Community Theater 'Sound of Music' in 5th grade. Lots more acting in jr hi and high school. All the male leads because the director loved me. My favorite role was Tom Wingfield in 'The Glass Menagerie'.

35. Up until college I was very buttoned-down and pretty preppy. I loosened up working at The Pittsburgh Project.

36. I have lost 20 pounds and re-gained it at least 4 times in the last 6 years. I am trying not to let that depress me during my current efforts.

37. Here in the Carolinas you can be a mountains or beach person. Mountains.

38. My 9yo daughter loves HGTV. This is strange.

39. Ran into a college friend at a pick up basketball game ... in Addis Ababa.

40. Marvel at my laziness! (But some of it is the pessimism.)

41. I go through life looking for a place to lie down.

42. Did you know Facebook has a tag limit? It's 30. I'll show them. I'll do two copies of this with different tags!

43. Autumn rules the other seasons. They bow down and say 'we're not worthy!'

44. I think it's about time I wrapped this up, don't you? ;-)
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