Saturday, February 7

On to glory: Mack Bethune

Wil and I just got back from Mack's funeral.

Mack was an old gentleman in our church. As we've attended over the past year, his health has gotten worse and he was mostly getting around only in a wheelchair.

The twins sort of struck up a friendship with Mack. He was a really nice old guy. He probably started it by sharing candy with them before services.

Then, this fall, Mack was in the Sunday school class I taught and I got to know him better.

One Sunday morning, when there was breakfast between services, and while I was filling my plate, the twins, on their own, got up from the table we were sitting at and went to sit with Mack, who was sitting alone. That is the proudest I have ever been of them.

One time Mack gave them a ride on his motorized wheelchair.

Mack got sick for the last time in December. The twins and I went and visited him in the hospital, took Xmas/get well cards, and sang a carol. That was the last time we saw him in this life.

We have been praying for Mack to get better, but he died this past week, and I rejoiced that he has gone on to eternal life and full health and happiness.

I hadn't gotten around to telling the twins yet, but when Wil and I went to church Wednesday night, I thought I'd better tell him so he wouldn't be surprised. I said I had good news and bad news. When I told him the bad news, he asked what the good news was and I reminded him that we believe that those who trust Jesus with their life live with Him forever and that Mack won't be sick or need a wheelchair anymore.

After children's choir, I could tell that Wil had been crying. Turns out, one of the kids prayed for Mack to get better, and that got Wil. He prayed that Mack would have a good life in heaven and broke down in tears.

Part of this story is that Wil is (often) such a sweet, sensitive boy.

So, I asked him if he wanted to go to the funeral, and he said yes.

It wasn't emotional for him at all. He sort of paid attention and was ready to go home after the 45 minutes.

I'm especially glad I went as a reminder of my faith and a celebration of Mack's life, here on earth and in eternity.
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