Sunday, February 8

My Super Bowl Twitter stream

Ok, it's kind of lame to get it up so late. Just think of it as being here for posterity ;-)
  1. That game was amazing
  2. That games was amazing
  3. Ben: you're great. now, please. please, protect your head and your career!
  4. @shawncoons congrats! Ben is the man!
  5. Holmes=MVP
  6. wow!
  7. will it hold up?
  8. @Soob the F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter couldn't stop Larry Fitzgerald! ;-)
  9. that sound you here is Vegas sweating
  10. now, plenty of time for Steelers
  11. what a game!
  12. plenty of time. Cards have to be calm
  13. sorry @shawncoons, but great game!
  14. penalty aside, did the mantle just pass from Ward to Holmes? what a catch!
  15. Harrison: what a punk!
  16. @Soob me, too. but i still think the Steelers are going to win. i hope i'm wrong
  17. @Simlaughter nah: Cards. Steelers have already won 5!
  18. @Soob seriously!
  19. @Simlaughter : but the Seeger Sessions were so great!
  20. lol: good Polamalu ad
  21. @Soob : he's 9. that's my boy!
  22. Wil: wouldn't 1-D just be lines?
  23. Breaston has the best hair in this game
  24. Boldin's having a good game
  25. @ufez : word
  26. @shloky : might be more like jump the shark
  27. @regavqueen: good show, but the music wasn't that great. hardly any singing
  28. @kaliczi: what i said, too
  29. i think the Cards are letting this one get away (unless they can do something on this drive
  30. @shawncoons: true. sorry, dude
  31. cute. i have liked the Coke commercials
  32. Am I just crabby? Not impressed by the commercials or Bruce (but the football's good so far ;-)
  33. does Bruce have a voice left? not much singing
  34. anything from the Seeger sessions?
  35. what will Boss' set list be?
  36. How can that be? Matt Millen stinks! He made the Lions even worse!
  37. Matt Millen will be on the the Halftime Report?!
  38. huge turnaround. the Cards were hanging in. could have gone up by 4. now down by 10. 14 point swing.
  39. nice Cardinal TD. good game
  40. Picking: Steelers. Pulling: Cards.
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