Friday, October 3

Weigh-in and pull-update

Way past time for one of these. Short version: I'm holding steady.

Weighed-in today at 200.5. On the one hand, not making progress. On the other hand, I'm not getting heavier and it took me awhile to gain all the weight, right? Or is that just rationalization?

Anyway, I'm fairly encouraged because I didn't count points on my trip to Austin last week; just tried to take it easy.

On the push-up front, I'm keeping after it, but not making much progress; seriously plateaued. Walter gave me the good idea of 'scaling' if I need to: finishing my push-up workouts with push-ups on my knees, if I need to. So, for example, tonight I did about 70 regular push-ups in 5 sets with 2 minute breaks and finished the last 5-10 on my knees. Don't feel like I'm gaining much here, but will keep after it for now. If you have great advice on how to break a plateau, please send it my way!

Other things to send my way: prayers and well-wishes for continuing to lose weight and get in better shape. Thanks!
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