Sunday, October 26

I say 'O', you say 'bama'

Just when you thought the MSM was totally liberal... The State [SC] endorsed McCain ;-)

(The State really did endorse McCain. The smiley's there for my little MSM joke :-)

They've got good reasons. But, for my part, I view McCain as too excitable to want him as CinC.

McCain supported the Colombian free trade agreement, which is most definitely a good thing, and Obama did not.

Good point about McCain not applying judicial litmus tests.

And good point about McCain challenging his own party.

I don't need to rebut all of those because I've already run the numbers and we know they're pretty close for me on policy, some advantages to McCain and some to Obama.

One way to boil it down is what McCain said in one of the debates. We need a steady hand at the wheel right now...

And I think that's going to be Obama.

(Plus, as I've admitted this campaign, I'm biased to the left and almost always vote Democrat.)
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