Friday, October 3

Current political thoughts

+ Actually watched most of the debate last night. Palin was good, so she outperformed expectations/fears. All she had to do. Biden was fine.

+ I didn't need Vote, but they've got a pretty nice tool. Here are my detailed results. I came out a 88.78% match on issues with Barack Obama and a 87.32% match on issues with John McCain. They're not really that different.

+ I made three notes on the debate, stuff I really agreed with Biden on:
1. what he said on foreign policy, across the board
2. champions of the middle class - tax cuts
3. tying McCain to the failures of the Bush administration
I totally did not buy Palin's admonition to look to the future. We haven't passed the statute of limitations on the Bush administration, yet. Anybody who's connected to it has to continue to pay the price.

+ And, for the sake of truth in reporting: Some facts adrift in veep debate. The Obama/Biden campaign's distortions are disappointing to me, but to be expected, I'm afraid.


Jim said...

I'm surprised you are split like that on the Vote Help questions. I was 86.47 Obama, and 66.94 McCain.

One of the Vote assessment sites indicated I should vote for Ralph Nader!
Luke heard me talking about it and said..."Don't be a hater, vote for Nader." :-0

Jim said...

I think my Nader leanings in that particular questionnaire had to do with civil liberties. Who knew?

Sean said...

Jim: maybe i really am a moderate who leans left.

too bad we don't have a viable third party...