Monday, October 20

Still catching up...

Debate followup:

+ Analysis: McCain puts Obama on the defensive

+ Warped facts in last presidential debate

+ Lex made this great comment over at Mark's place:
The kind of people who read Zenpundit are not the target audience for the debate. I never watch them. This group — whichever candidate each person is voting for – pay attention to politics and have long ago made up their minds. I know who I am voting for, as does everyone else who reads this blog. We are not part of the group that is undecided until the final weeks of the election.
The whole comment, and then the whole thread are worth reading.

Paul posted this picture:

Funny stuff (and great photoshopping!).

Election resources:

+ including FactChecking Debate No. 3.

+ Common Cause: Holding Power Accountable.


+ I totally want my next personal cell phone to run Android (Lifehacker review). Hopefully we'll get a cost-effective option in the next couple years.

Here's the AP review.

+ I was catching up on some SNL and 'Mark Wahlberg talks to animals' is pretty funny (especially if you like Andy Samberg.

I've got more to say, especially on health and fitness (short version: ok), but I'll save it for next time.
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