Tuesday, May 1

Tom's latest in Esquire

Funny: The State of the World: Author's Commentary Track - Page 5 - Esquire.com:
"It doesn’t strike me that terrorists are running anything in this world save for the tribal areas in NW Pakistan and Sunni Iraq -- and Allah bless ‘em -- they can have them both."
Common sense from page 6:
"The notion that we somehow “lose Iraq” unless we fight it out in Sunni-land until all the bitter-enders have all met their bitter end is just goofy."

And the grand finale:
"My wife, as always, worries I’m turning Republican. I keep telling her the Dems won’t have me!

But on some level, I say, “[Screw] ‘em all!’ I can’t wait on these people to get elected. With the Bush post-presidency so moribund, I decided to pursue my own personal foreign policy a while back and it’s going great so far.

I suggest you do the same..."

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