Friday, May 18

Gas, government, Google geekery, and --g---s

+ Dan (you know, the weblog-engager ;-) has an interesting post about why the price of gas should be higher and how Americans are opposed to the concept of Congress.

+ Great Googley moogley! I totally didn't know that you could change your search in the Google toolbar by pressing Ctrl+up or down arrow ! I shoot up there all the time with Ctrl+K. This will only speed my frequent blog and news searches!

(Though I will say, as I searched for news today from the context menu, the new Google Universal Search brought up the news I was looking for in the top few results most of the time without having to do a subsequent news search.)

+ And, finally, for tonight, I never thought I'd say this, but: Thank you, Oprah! I couldn't agree with you more! ;-)
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