Thursday, May 3

Social-Techno Participation [updated]

Mark's got a good post on Social-Techno Participation. My comment:

critics: there's a Proverb about wise men listening to critics and how someone who tells you your fault and helps you correct it is a better friend than 'he' who tells you how awesome you are, but i forget the exact form, chapter, and verse. also, wise 'men' listen to criticism.

but, for my part, i have trouble listening to critics, especially if they have a bad attitude about it. much more likely to ignore them and keep doing the criticized activity for spite. not too wise of me :-(

i am all of those things - except inactive ;-)

i was frightened to think how many feeds i subscribe to, but it's not that bad: only 79. many of those are just for work. some are local news that i get the headlines for but don't usually click through on.

Update: Oops. Forgot the link. Duh. Added
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