Sunday, May 6

Google, Ken, Tumblr, Bethy, and Tolkien

+ Not only is the new email feature in Google Reader much better, but the emails it sends are much better with 100% better formatting. Thanks, Google! ;-)

+ The issue in question: this from Ken:

It's been pointed out to me that, a few hours after midnight tonight, it will be

02:03:04, 05/06/07

+ Trying to decide if I need/want a tumblelog. Anybody have an opinion?

+ Something I taught Bethy: Now, when she asks 'How long will this take?' she appends 'If I don't ask anymore questions' ;-)

+ Pretty good list of What Google Needs. And I also want a pony ;-)

+ I finished Children of Hurin. It was beautiful (especially the language) and sad. Wonder if I'll review it...

One project I thought of in this regard was to make a Wordie list of the words I love from Children of Hurin.
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