Thursday, November 30

Let's do a Wii post

I've been saving some stuff up. I'm a closet Wii fan. That is, we don't have one yet. Maybe Xmas next year...

+ In praise of third place - It works for Nintendo. (via kottke) Sony and MS are selling their boxes at a loss, locked in mortal combat, and there's still no way I'd way that kind of money for those machines. I don't forsee us having HD anytime soon.

+ Matt Haughey's controller took flight when he was 'bowling' . That straps on there for a reason...

+ kottke doesn"t have one, but he liked the one he played.

Hmm. Thought I had more links than that saved up. Oh well. I even did some googling, but nothing struck my fancy. So that's all you get! ;-)
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