Wednesday, November 22

Indie is the new pop

Had a big argument with Terry back in 1998-ish about whether Pearl Jam was pop or not. His brother settled it with the question 'Do they play it on the radio every day?' ;-)

+ A few more names I like from the Hype Machine:
  • Arcwelder (since I currently sell welding supplies ;-)
  • Garmisch Partenkirchen - I don't know what this means, but IIRC, Garmisch is a German city/area in Bavaria. 'Kirchen' is churches. And I think 'Parten' should be 'parties'. Thus, I read it as 'Garmisch Partychurches' ;-) Google translates it as ' Mix part churches'. Turns out rather boringly that the whole name is a city and a region in Bavaria.
  • The Shackletons - you know, Endurance and all that
  • The Maccabees
  • Misty Mountain Hop
+ David Brooks of the NYT had an interesting column Saturday about Borat and how he basically does the standard lampoons of the 'educated bourgeoisie'. I'd be interested in commentary from Dan who recently wrote about Borat.

+ Matt Haughey got a Wii and wrote a review. Short version: he loves it. Xmas 2007, here we come ;-)

+ defective yeti's last Bad Review Revue was pretty funny. (I also liked his [Political] Silver Linings, but that's REALLY old news now.)

+ I liked Defense Tech's recent post [historical] Lessons of the Dreadnought.

+ Ken [Can I call you Ken? ;-)] had a punctuation post where he referenced 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' with pretty much the same reaction I had to it.

+ Dan links to The Nietzsche Family Circus: 'which is a random Nietzsche quotation combined with a random Family Circus drawing'. Can't not link it.

There you are: You are the beneficiary of Wil waking me up before 6 ;-)
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