Monday, November 13

Are you experienced (great album-wise)?

Had this in Bloglines for a long time: Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time . Let's chart the occurrences in the top 100

1. The Beatles - 8
2. Bob Dylan - 5
3. Led Zeppelin - 4
3. The Rolling Stones - 4
5. Jimi Hendrix - 3
5. Stevie Wonder - 3

and a bunch I don't feel like recording with 2.

What do you think? Does that sound about right?

+ Oh how the mighty have fallen. Remember how RS once named 'Murmur' the best album of the 80s? Now there's, like, about a hundred 80s albums in front of it.

Some albums that can't possibly be better than Murmur:

- Dookie
- Abba - the definitive collection
- Rod Stewart - Every picture tells a story
- Kiss - Alive
- Straight outta Compton
- The Chronic
- Run DMC - Raising Hell

And that's not even to mention those that are arguable!

In the vein of this conversation (diatribe), Jason sent me a link to this Slate article on REM v U2 that I haven't read yet but will soon. RS obviously thinks it's U2.

+ It's pretty interesting how many collections they have on this list...

+ BTW, I stipulate at the start of this discussion that all lists like this are arbitrary and not to be paid too much attention to. I'm just sayin'...
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