Wednesday, September 20

Weight loss report

Well, my weight loss has slowed down a little, but I'm still on the wagon. The wedding that was our target date is this saturday and we'll all be getting together.

My goal was to have lost 1 pound a week for 11 weeks and be down to at most 199 by today.

Well, as you already know if you've been reading, the first 10 pounds went really fast. I forget the specifics, but I changed my goal to by 195 by this friday.

Today on the scale, I was 193 or 194 (our scale's not very accurate).

So that's really good. Good job, me!

The plan: hold the line 'til this weekend. Party a little for my brother's wedding (but try not to go nuts). Recommit next week to lose at least a pound a week, including adding some exercise of some sort (maybe dumbbells).

9 weeks to Thanksgiving. Let's shoot for an even 10 more pounds by then, 185 or less.
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