Saturday, September 30

A little catching up

+ I see, when looking at Google Maps of Europe, that they seem to be making an effort to label countries and cities as much in their native language as possible, including Greek and Cyrillic letters. But isn't it kind of arbitrary? Eg, why 'Ukraine' in Roman letters, but 'Kiev' in Cyrillic?

+ Wish I was watching the big game tonight with all of my Hawkeye and OSU fan friends. On the OSU side it'd be Pete and Jim. On the Hawkeye side, there's too many to list. I hope Iowa finds a way to win by playing out of their heads. But I don't expect it.

In fact, I won't be watching the start at all. We have a wedding to go to...

+ REALLY cool, 90 second, animated Flash map: Those who've ruled the Middle East over the last 5000 years (via CA).

It would be interesting to rank the top 10 empires of history, judged by size, power, and longevity...

+ I really like the Bloglines upgrade: more Ajaxy delineation of content through formatting.
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