Monday, September 18

3 important issues (and 1 cool tour)

+ Mark had a great post that began:

Does anyone out there have a good explanation for the intellectual exhaustion that prevails in our national political class, Left and Right?

+ Stuart has a good post about global warming scare tactics and assumptions .

Since this is such an obvious danger what can we do about it?

+ Curzon of Coming Anarchy got a civilian tour of the USS Kitty Hawk while it's on active duty. He posted some cool pictures, too. How great is that?!

+ Chirol of Coming Anarchy has the strongest repudiation I've seen of the current flap about the Pope's quote . I probably wouldn't have put it that strongly, but it's hard to disagree.

I felt a little sympathy for the complainers about the Denmark cartoons because the intent to ridicule was there (albeit basically justly).

These complaints are, to use Chirol's word, 'idiotic', because the Pope did not intend to insult at all and, indeed, was calling for calm dialogue.

(Ahh! I quoted Chirol's use of the word 'idiotic'! Now I'm guilty, too! ;-)
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