Monday, September 18

9/11 follow-up

President Bush's speech

In Memoriam - mp3 post including music by Arvo Part and John Williams

Lexington Green, in this comment (on a post by Steven Den Beste(!)), links Strategy Page's assessment of the War on Terror. While I think their assessment is a little too enthusiastic, I fully agree that the Middle East has changed for the better since 9/11. This is an argument that Tom often makes. Even in Palestine, for example, we've got something different from the ineffectual Fatah party. True, it's Hamas. Let's see them build a state. Maybe their people will tire of them, too. It's easier to tear a state down than build one. Let's see Hezbullah build a state, something tougher than providing relief in the wake of the wrath of the Israeli army that Hezbullah themselves brought down upon the Lebanese people.
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