Friday, September 15

Catching up

I wonder how many stored-up links I can give you...

Let's do Iowa City first.

+ I say it here, it comes out up there. Remember when I wrote that the UofI should buy the Old Capitol Mall? They're headed that way - up to 62% now . This is best for everyone: the owners, the UofI, downtown Iowa City, even the tenants. Plus, there's some prime parking in that deck...

+ They're bringing in a portable cell phone tower to help with all of the demand during the Iowa-ISU game.

+ Coming Anarchy had an interesting post a looong time back. Let me give you this quote for the flavor:

While Chinese, Indian, Korean and other Asian Universities are graduating millions of engineers and scientists every year, Western Universities have been reduced to "hippie factories" teaching about the evils of the West.

I see where that thread has 35 comments, too.

+ defective yeti had two funny posts recently. One about going to the dentist/oral surgeon (Christine said she laughed so hard she couldn't breathe, but she has dental issues), and one about the Squirrelly and bear toy body parts.

+ The Economist has a REALLY funny article on what flight attendants would announce if they were being honest.

+ Electronic table for massive flexibility in gaming. Imagine being able to change a board anytime you wanted...

+ If you've never seen the Old Glory Robot Insurance for Seniors spoof tv ad from SNL, you're missing out...

+ This is ancient, but thanks to Jaq for linking me with other Pluto sentiments.

+ Jason had a great post about his son's enjoyment of their new basketball hoop. If Clay practices as much as his old man used to, he'll be great.

+ Dan, a conservative who likes to come strong, wrote Another Reason to Despise the Republican Congress .

+ More love: my personalized Google home page now has tabs. Hubba hubba!
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