Saturday, June 3

Pretty much all old guy pop culture

+ Iowa Boosts Ferentz's Pay, Makes Him Among Highest Paid Coaches. As much as I am conflicted about semi-professional collegiate athletics, this is probably the way to go if we want to keep Ferentz. He joins the ranks of Stoops (Iowa alum!), Spurrier, Meyer, Fulmer, and Brown. If he was amenable, I'd rather see them put that money into creating a stronger program that would draw higher caliber recruits.

+ You-know-who has a review of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure which is a movie I also really love. I know it pretty well, but not as well as him.

+ Speaking of movies, we watched Sky High last sunday night and really loved it. The soundtrack was obviously for me with covers of 'Everybody wants to rule the world', 'Melt with you', 'Please, please, please', 'Voices carry', and more. You might read the quotes or watch the trailer to see if you like it.

[Note: this recommendation is not for Macon unless he's already watched Gattaca ;-)]

+ I was drawn to One Louder for the a-ha mp3, but really liked this post on the summer of 1985 and how a-ha fit. We must be the same age, because I think that was my summer before eighth grade, too.
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