Friday, June 9

From al-Zarqawi to Greg (!)

+ Tom's got a great post where he ties in his son's surgery with parental love and the importance of remembering that everyone, even al-Zarqawi and especially our soldiers, is someone's child.

+ Mark's got a poignant post about al-Zarqawi's death that is also funny:

The unseemly rush among pundits, partisans, cynics, politicians like Representative Pete Stark (D-Cal.) and carpet-chewing, mentally unbalanced, haters of the Bush administration to screech how Zarqawi's death is irrelevant, a political stunt or a hoax is revolting as well as stupid.

+ Want to know where all the cool kids are logging? The Vox beta. Holy (weblogging) A-list Batman! Start with your favorite A-lister. For mine, I'll pick Greg Knauss. Then click through to other people you've heard of.

I think of Vox as similar to MySpace (social media native) with a big helping of Web 2.0 Ajax and (decent) design.

Haven't made the plunge and requested an invite yet...

+ This is weird. And a little awkward.

See Greg Knauss up there? He's been back weblogging for 3 months and I didn't know. He's one of my all-time faves.

Christine really likes him too, and she must go over and read the last three months. One post that made me laugh out loud.
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