Friday, June 23

East Asian economies, aging pop stars, and Google

+ (South) Korea is the new Japan. High quality, high value products led by Samsung and Hyundai. I used to say 'Friends don't let friends buy a Hyundai.' Maybe I was wrong. Maybe they've improved a lot since then.

S Korea's already moving out of the bargain stage to the trendsetting stage. And, of course, the analogy can't hold in the current expansion of globalization. For example, Seoul is (perhaps) the most wired city in the world. So they actually lead in many broadband dynamics, including security problems. Why the Future is in South Korea.

South Korea is on a trajectory to keep innovating and keep rising to Japan-like proportions.

However, something crazy from the nut job up north could set this process back quite a bit, if not derail it.

The next economy to grow up from budget-provider to trendsetter will be China. The cheapest manufacturing jobs are already moving elsewhere, like Vietnam.

+ I know this is super old news, but just in case you missed it, Paul McCartney turned 64, impossible to imagine when he wrote a song about it (impossible for me since I wasn't born yet me ;-).

The REM analog is 'I can't see a life at 30/I don't buy a life at 30/caught like flies'. Wonder if Michael still feels that way?

+ I liked some of the Google Blogoscoped Onebox ideas.
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