Sunday, June 4

Music, mp3s (and the Mavs)

+ Congratulations to the Mavs on making the finals. Hope they take down the Heat/Shaq/Riley show. Do you remember I'm a closet Mavs/Mark Cuban fan? Avery Johnson has obviously done a heck of a job. Special congratulations to Scott S, who even has some tickets...

+ Kelly of Looking at Them has a post with mp3s of her country phase from the 80s. My experience therewith wasn't a phase so much as environment, but I sure can relate. If you can, you should check it out.

When I think about how much I love music and how good my taste is and the humble beginnings I came from, the indoctrination I am giving my children and their potential to be really world-changing music lovers makes me very happy.

Example: Wil and Elizabeth were singing along with my singing of the Postal Service's 'Nothing better' today, even doing their own little riffs for where they thought the melody should go. I have a standing offer to them, if they want to form a family band, I'm in. Elizabeth said no way, but Wil has expressed a little interest.

Note to Walter: does this motivate you to engender more Stokes grandchildren? ;-)

+ Speaking of mp3 weblogs, Heather has a nice post about daddy-daughter dates . Daddy-daughter dates are awesome. In a perfect world, every dad would have a daughter. But, I'm serious when I say Elizabeth gets enough or our time that I have to find the money and time and childcare to date her mom more before I prioritize doing more with Bethy.
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