Thursday, May 5

What is it with me and Thursday?

+ Jason left a link in my comments about the Verve and Bittersweet Symphony and the Rolling Stones and copyright and... gross.

+ Matt's crazy about his new Dyson. But if you go to the Flickr stream, you see that Consumer Reports ranks some cheaper vacuums higher .

+ John's got an interesting post on the number of the beast.

+ Jaq's got an interesting Surprising Admissions post (though I think 'Confessions' might be better word choice here, given common usage. Otherwise, the first thing you think is 'He got to cut in line at Episode 3!' ;-).

Do I have any confessions to make? Any you want to nominate, those of you who know me? (How's that for living dangerously?)

+ Tom had a post linking an alternate opinion to his pessimistic one on Benedict 16. Finally followed it over to Flit, and a fairly optimistic take on B16, though still through Toms' Core-Gap grid. Though I wasn't thinking about it with this kind of precision, this is more in line with my hopes for B16.

+ Walter links a review of Despair's new book that includes some of the history of the company.
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