Thursday, May 12

Guess what today is...

+ Doggone Onterrio Smith is in drug trouble again. Here's the deal: if he wants to stay with the Vikings, he should be required to do rehab and 12-step, something very serious and club-supervised. Otherwise, see ya. We want him. He's a good runner. But he's got to straighten up.

+ How does he do it? The dude's just good. Matt broke a video made by the Department of Homeland Security for their New Jersey exercise onto the web.

+ Get your book on NPR. Do you listen to NPR often? Man, they hawk their employee's books. Some show's always doing something with Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation, and their really pushing some dudes Pretty Birds. Mutual Admiration Society much?

+ Lurie Says Eagles Won't Renegotiate Terrell Owens' Contract
. Good.

Asked if he expects Owens to be with the Eagles next season, Lurie said, "If he wants to win a Super Bowl, he should be."

"At this level, with multimillions (of dollars), you're just trying to leave a legacy and win Super Bowls, as far as I am concerned. And he's got a great opportunity," Lurie said.

Now that's some fine trash.

+ Mark me down as 'not interested' in Yahoo's music rental service with an extra fee to burn CDs. I want to own my music. I want it to sit on my hard drive for me to listen to or transfer to my mp3 player or burn CDs.

+ I've been watching for a re-org since kottke went pro. He's starting some redesign stuff now. I'm not crazy about the Ajax box, that I like what he's after. He's certainly got good points about archives.

+ I have opinions (shocker!) about Latvia and Georgia and Putin. But you can guess what they are. I'll just say that a US President as the Guest of Honor at a commemoration of Soviet valor is CRAZY!

+ In other Eurasian news, Russia and the EU are trying to get closer to each other. ' The pact encompasses four key areas, known in EU parlance as "spaces" -- the economy; freedom, security and justice; external security; and research, education and science.' How much of this is motivated by being able to compete with the US? I'm not saying that in any kind of jingoistic way; just wondering...
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