Friday, May 6

Another post, and so soon

+ Flag propaganda. Pretty effective way to make a point: turn flags into 'propa-graphs'. Visual must-see, but rife with agenda. (via kottke)

+ The U of I's trying to get a Union rennovation together. I think they should buy the old Old Capitol Mall [sic], and turn it into a Union, with parking. Do something else with the old Union.

+ What I need is a tagging system for my weblog. I know I have some potential readers who aren't interested in most of what I do, but would be interested in some. They could subscribe to certain tags and see posts with those tags in the reader/get an email. Could someone cook that up for me? ;-)

+ Matthew Baldwin is tearing it up:
+ Ooh! The thing I like best about this Google Maps-Yahoo Traffic mashup (which doesn't work for me, probably because I live in a burg) is the near full-screen GMaps interface.

+ kottke got to see a commercial e-book with electronic ink and was very impressed. Cool.

+ Dorothea watched episode 2 for the first time. And she hated it (Jaq, you really shouldn't read it unless you want to get mad). The most interesting part of this post, to me, was the things she liked: the costumes, the design of ships and aliens, the kid playing Boba Fett, Christopher Lee and Ian McDiarmid (though I think she has a thing for British actors). I especially agree with the part about ships and aliens. I noticed that last time we watched. There are a lot of people doing good work at Lucasfilm whose stuff is just a small detail whizzing by (not that little details should be more prominent...).

+ Freakonomics sure has been getting a lot of airplay. I would like to read it. I'll have to talk to my local librarian ;-)
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