Friday, March 18

Today's odds and ends

+ Like Eric, I thought Wolfofitz was a bad choice. But I'm not as surprised as he was that Tom Barnett likes Wolfofitz. I was curious to see what Tom would say, though, so I'm glad he wrote about it.

+ kottke links a good, longish article on Google, focusing on their business iconoclasm.

+ O'Reillynet interview with Cory Doctorow

I have to smirk when people say 'I identify so much with Ender!' Give me a break. You're not that smart. You can't be. It's a glorification of childhood genius as military mastermind.

Interesting stuff about his writing process.

+ I'm trying to clean out the posts I've saved in Bloglines. I was doing pretty well, too. Then Firefox spontaneously shut down and I lost some of the stuff I was working on. Blast! Oh well, if it had been important it wouldn't have sat in there for weeks.
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