Tuesday, March 29

This and that

+ Matt's crazy about Odeo 1 2. When I saw that it was invitation only, I emailed Odeo to see if I could get one. And who should email me back but the Big Blogger/Odeo-n himself! Guess that's how startups work. Said he'll put me on the list. Yes, sir.

+ Did you notice that I cleaned up my list of weblogs I read a little bit?

+ 59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton. Wow. That's a lot of opposition to our (proposed new) man in New York.

+ Data theft is getting out of hand.

+ I'm going to start using Metacritic more (via kottke). Movies to add to my watchlist based thereon: The Aviator, Ray, Finding Neverland, In Good Company, Donnie Darko, Ladder 49. Comments?

+ We watched The Bourne Supremacy tonight for the first time and liked it. Tomorrow night: Spartan.

+ Jaq says (sung to the tune of Jane Says):
Thomas Barnett is really just some guy who sits at the end of the bar that Sean visits every day after work for a few beers before going home to the twins.
I told him he says the sweetest things.

+ Brad has a great quote from one of the past luminaries of our denomination about communion:
Some say if baptism is a means of grace, it would follow that everyone who is baptized would be saved. The gospel is also a means of grace, but it certainly does not follow that everyone who hears or reads the gospel will be saved. The means saves through faith, but where unfaith steps in, the means serves no purpose... Bread is a means of nourishment, but it does not follow that one who has bread cannot starve. He will starve, if he does not eat.

PP Waldenström (1838-1917)
+ This story's been saved in Bloglines for quite a while: Matt got on a plane with some stinky people, but the flight attendant saved them with coffee.

+ I didn't read the whole thing, but I still liked the comparison between Micro$oft and the Ring of Power
One OS to rule them all
One OS to find them
One OS to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them...
(via Bill H).

That's just one of 8 chapters, 2 appendices, and an Introduction/Abstract.
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