Monday, March 14

Must. Post. Something.

Even if it kills me ;-)

Brad Johnson might come back to the Vikings. Sounds good to me.

Chris was wondering what my thoughts are on the Moss trade. I've cut Randy a lot of slack regarding my opinion because he was OUR miscreant. Now I'm okay with him leaving. He has become a distraction. Let him go play for the Raiders. We haven't been able to break through to the other side. Let's miz things up: new owner, bringing in some guys who can play defense. We've got some great running talent and a good O-line. Could be good.

Jeff Bezos is planning a spaceport. Sounds good to me.

The Hawkeyes played themselves into the Big Dance with a strong showing in the Big Ten Tournament. If they'd have played a little better they could have beaten Wisconsin, too, and earned the right to be beaten by Illinois. I don't have them winning out of the round of 32, but, hey, it's fun. All three major Iowa schools are in the Tournament this year. That's fun.

Remind me why the Georgia killer needs a trial. Everyone saw it. He was already charged with a heinous crime. My gut reaction that doesn't seem to be fading away is: dispatch him as quickly as possible.

Matt had an idea for a Tom Barnett bumper sticker (scroll to bottom). Macon found it and emailed me. I emailed Tom. He liked it and posted it. More to come!

Speaking of Macon - I know him, and he knows the Amplifier guys, and they won a big award at SXSW. My cool number is 2.

That should about do it for tonight.
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