Sunday, December 12

Plastic surgery sucks

(Get it?)

I was stunned today by an ad for plastic surgery in the Sports section for gift certificates for plastic surgery saying '(Good news, your wife did not pay for this ad.)'. The firm (nudge, nudge), is Carolina Cosmetics, if you want to know who to blame. Nothing says love like a gift certificate chin liposuction.

I also recently saw an ad for plastic surgery (may have been the same company) where the pitch was to old people to help you renew the passion in your relationship. Ugh.

One of my all-time, most-hated ads is one I saw in Charlotte for plastic surgery that said 'Confidence is no coincidence.'

What I don't mean to imply here is that I'm not tempted by cheap beauty like most of us are. However, I do try to resist it sometimes.
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